Tips for Volunteers – Rescuers and Healers Supporting Rescues Worldwide by UKRescueConnect

It is fact that the nicest people in our society are healers, rescuers and volunteers and that includes people sharing news across Social Media. These are the people that are giving most time to help the less fortunate and sadly the same people who are often ‘most’ exploited.

The vilest act any human can do is exploit the good people within our communities here AND OVERSEAS. Sadly, they do. Many countries around the world are suffering extreme poverty. Using animals, graphic images, hardship prompts the kindness of the purest hearts.

Please take caution when donating your time or money to charities, causes and rescues covering any subject. Be it, poverty, suffering, animal hardship before first ensuring they are legitimate.

Look behind the pictures. Look at the facts. Ask questions. Do not fear making mistakes either. We all do it. Good people learn the hard way. Sadly there are many people out there cashing in on kindness. Both in the UK and abroad.

Always remember, it is better to be the victim of foul play than the instigator. We live and learn. Good hearts will always suffer most. Never stop being kind – it’s all that matters and sadly there are some awful people out there taking full advantage of the most sincere. Yet, there are mostly great plights. Often the best rescues are hidden in small places. They are the ones that need us most. Perhaps visit your local rescues and causes. Take a few pictures, write a blog or just share the ‘real’ news across social media.

Please do not donate unless you have good enough knowledge your money is going where it should. Most importantly. Never give up. The world needs to heal and grow and without you, it cannot.




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