Highlighting smaller causes that support the vulnerable in society – to include homelessness and animal welfare – as these are the topics we are most passionate about. We will be bringing news soon of a select few causes/charities that need a bit of help. Our goal, to raise awareness and fund-raise on their behalf where the public will give directly to the carefully selected appeals we’ve chosen to represent. Also, we’re always open to suggestions. Do you need help with your cause?

We are a small group of volunteers who feel strongly about the importance of giving back to society. We have vast experience in charitable causes and campaigning for a better world. We will operate mainly on Friday’s and weekends. Our social media pages are also managed by volunteers. To speak directly please contact us here and we’ll get right back to you.

If you’d like to get involved, do let us know. This is a platform for all to participate. Together We are Strong!

We will deliver more updates in the ‘very’ near future. We’d really appreciate you sharing our news across your social media accounts so we can reach a wider audience.

Blog Managed by Tiffany Belle Harper on behalf of UKRescueConnect.