Little Dog on a Window Ledge. We’re missing Foley #Diary

Tiffany Belle Harper

This is not a good day. I’m writing my book and reliving parts of the past I’d forgot. I’m preparing to drive back to Leeds. I arrived in Warwickshire with Foley who was well. He had a wet nose, healthy appetite and could still run around in the park.

I’m driving home without him. I know ‘especially taking the horrid happenings in the world to account’ it may seem dramatic. But I loved him so much. He was a daily part of all that I did. Driving back to Yorkshire without my best friend is going to hurt. He was innocent, harmless, so pure and forgiving. An unconditional friend that loved me no matter what.

Today, I’ve just felt down in the dumps. I tell myself how must the family feel of the lady who was killed in London by senseless murderers. She’d just taken her two children to school…

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Time since losing Foley. How I have improved as a person #VideoDiary

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Tiffany Belle Harper

I’ve had a wonderful few days in my own space, where I’ve done things I enjoy most. Writing, making videos, photograph, walking and exploring. It’s given me time to reflect. I realise that life is how we find self value with activity we enjoy. It’s soul food. It’s not who else sees it or how others define us, it’s taking part, staying in touch and be true to our purpose.

I love blogging. It’s therapy so here’s a video to say hello and thank you to those who helped me through a very tough time recently. Tiffany X

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Dear Foley – In Loving Memory

Dear Foley, I’m sitting in the summer house on the old rocking chair. Well, a glorified shed, overlooking the pond with fixed shelf style seating covered in cotton gingham cushions, then bits of things for the garden, like string and old worn, protective gloves. Grandad has just fed the fish. Saddle the biggest Koi Karp … Continue reading Dear Foley – In Loving Memory

When my Dog died in my arms. The #DogBus Appeal and what it will do to help

When a dog dies in your arms the power of love becomes more prevailing than everything else. The crossing from earthly life to something changed and higher. Many call Rainbow Bridge. When my doggy took his last breath, there was a small moment when he was afraid. His eyes dazed directly to mine. As though … Continue reading When my Dog died in my arms. The #DogBus Appeal and what it will do to help

Come home Foley #Video let’s go for a walk

Tiffany Belle Harper

I get Foley’s ashes today. It does not give him closure. He lives on in me. 21 years of unconditional love does not just vanish. I know that my healing will grow in helping other dogs face death with loved ones, good pet owners and not thrown into bin bags at the door of pounds. Here is the last video I made of Foley at Xmas. He was unwell but made a complete recovery. Then got sick again then died. But he is not gone. Love goes nowhere. I would really appreciate you taking a little while to watch this video as it shows nature. It shows how nature can heal us. It healed Foley for a while. And it can heal us all today.

Mummy x

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Saying Goodbye to my friend #Foley

Tiffany Belle Harper

I’ve been very lucky to have Foley in my life for over 21 years and it is with a heavy heart I am slowly letting him go. I won’ let him suffer. He had itchy skin so I bathed him in a dog medicated …

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