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Tiffany Belle Harper

I’m not far away but I must get my writing done. I’ve gone back to the beginning of my book and I’m editing it. It’s never going to get finished, I feel. As I already want to start a children’s book. You can guess about what!?


I hope everyone is campaigning for Jeremy. I’m transitional. Going off on travels again tomorrow. Isn’t life fun! Then I will be doing much more – I promise! We must fight for Jeremy Corbyn. Even if you don’t like politics – Theresa May has no desire to help wildlife, animals or the homeless. MY HEART CAUSES!

Kris and Karlyn raised nearly £150.00 for #dogbus yesterday during a car-boot event. Now, that is awesome news. I will be with her next time. Proud of her and Karlyn – getting out there for the dogs. They’re beautiful women 24/7 giving, caring, helping.

More about DogBus…

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St Basils Walk for the Young #Homeless in #Birmingham takes places June 17th South #Cotswolds

Tiffany Belle Harper

It’s turned out to be a heart-warming day. An annual walk takes place for the young homeless people of Birmingham on June 17th in the glorious location of South Cotswolds where participants may take advantage of lovely villages and rural life whilst raising funds for the vulnerable.

I will be going along with a group of friends to the shortest walk (7 Miles) which is pet friendly. The two longer walks dogs are not allowed but ideal for those with more stamina!

Please get involved if able. It’s going to be a lovely day out. Full details can be found by clicking on the image below. Good Luck and See You There!


Tiffany Belle Harper.

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Revive – Kirkstall – Leeds new re-use shop for SLATE and St Vincent de Paul also Seacroft.

Tiffany Belle Harper

Went on adventure yesterday then discovered Revive in North-West Leeds. It’s a new shop on The Kirkstall Road next to McDonalds and in front of Aldi (a couple of miles from the centre) that takes bric-a-brac and good quality clothes and furniture. It had a bit of everything from Star Wars memorabilia to vinyls and trainers. I loved it in there. I resisted to buy anything as I have enough but I shall certainly volunteer when I’m free.

They don’t yet have much of a social media presence so I thought I’d write a little blog. A very friendly dedicated team. I even helped make a sale of two bed side table cabinets. I spoke with the deputy manager Jonathon who is very excited about the new venue. It’s a sister site to the success of their first re-use shop in Seacroft where Richard Burgon is the local Labour MP…

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Beautiful Tyson aged 10 seeks his Forever Friend via Worcestershire Animal Rescue Shelter. Is it you? #PetBlog

A couple of weeks ago, I visited Malvern with ‘Angel Hound’ -having just lost my eldest dog – aged 21, I felt a little lacklustre. I went away to write and explore the area. However, after a couple of days I felt a desire to interact with the fluffy ones. So, I called Worcestershire Animal … Continue reading Beautiful Tyson aged 10 seeks his Forever Friend via Worcestershire Animal Rescue Shelter. Is it you? #PetBlog

Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary – Albino Roy – The Magpie #Video

Last year my parents told me about a wonderful little Sanctuary in Nuneaton that rescues wildlife and has a hospital that's open to care for these animals 24/7. At the time I was helping a cause so decided to raise funds and awareness for both. I delivered a cheque on behalf of the cause to … Continue reading Nuneaton and Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary – Albino Roy – The Magpie #Video

Travelling abroad with your cat? Check out these 6 great tips by Katzenworld


If you’re a cat lover, you might want or need to take your cat abroad with you at some point in the future. But travelling with pets can be stressful, particularly if they’re not used to it. You’ve got to take them out of their comfort zone and put them in strange, unusual places.

Whilst some pets might thrive, cats tend to find the experience stressful at first. To keep your animals calm and ensure you both have a hassle-free trip, we’ve gathered six great tips. Check them out:

  1. Prioritise their comfort

How is your cat used to travelling? Hopefully you’ve used a carrier in the past as this is the easiest way to transport cats. Once you’ve got them used to the carrier, be sure to pack a few creature comforts to make them feel at home – blanket with familiar smells, for instance.

What’s more, Compare Travel Insurance adds

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